A Blog About Technology And The Balanced Life

What does it take to become happy and fulfilled in a world of 2.0’s, tweets, likes and shares? Can technology be an assistant for living a balanced life? This blog is about technology and happiness. More precisely, how we can live a meaningful, balanced, and fulfilled life, together with our smart phones, apps, gadgets, social media and all the other technologies that are supposed to make life easier, but not always better.

Posts on Rewire Happiness strive to discuss solutions for living mindfully and purposefully with technology in everyday life and thus, shift the conversation from an ‘unplugging only solution’ to a ‘rewiring how we use technology’ discussion. The development of technology is faster than “life 2.0 manuals” can be build and our habits can adjust. Posts on Rewire Happiness will try to fill this gap by providing a toolbox for rewiring ourselves to become mindful technology users that utilize technology to live a happy and balanced life and not be utilized by technologies. 

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