5 Hacks to Create Happiness at Work

  • 6 June 2017
  • sjanicke

Technology has become an integral part of our lives. It aids our work, helps us plan, provides entertainment and connects us with others. On the other hand, it also makes us less productive, anxious, reduces our self-esteem and highjacks our brain so we become constantly checking smartphone zombies, high on notifications and suffering from phantom vibrations and chronic lurking syndrome.

Tis Is the Season…For a #RealBreak and a Cup of Nostalgia

  • 24 December 2016
  • sjanicke

Whereas some of us dread the holiday seasons because of too much family time, others are looking forward to it. Regardless, we tend to be still very busy during the holiday time. And sometimes, we make ourselves busy because we don’t know what to do with the sudden “downtime” we have over the holidays. That in of itself is a symptom of the digital age in which we live in.

The Triangle of Well-Being. “A Triple Shot of Media Happiness, Please”

  • 8 May 2016
  • sjanicke

Sherry Turkle, a well known MIT professor and Author of Alone Together and Reclaiming Conversation  has repeatedly stressed the detrimental effects of technology for how we related to one another, with the easy and constant connectivity of our technologies providing us with a false sense of intimacy.

The Power of Breath to Relax In the Moment

  • 22 April 2016
  • sjanicke

Drama, drama, and more drama. We get caught up in it constantly and I don’t mean REAL drama but the drama in our heads! Just last week I went apartment hunting in CA and got really frustrated because I did not find anything. After all it was my goal to find an apartment in the 3 days I was  there and when I have a goal I want to reach it! Well, this was apparently not meant to be (which later turned out to be great, actually, as always...) but I could not let go of it.

The Power of Our Collective Consciousness

  • 9 April 2016
  • sjanicke

Did you ever notice that when you are having a good day and you feel calm, balanced and peaceful, that your immediate family and friends have a good day too? Research shows that happiness trickles up to three degrees removed. So not only do you make your friend happier when you feel good, but also your friends’ friends’  friends!