#RealBreak Community


When you unplug (no phone, no computer) and just be for 10-15 minutes during your workday, you take a #RealBreak. 


Taking a #RealBreak during our workday in which we unplug from technology and just BE cannot only boost our productivity afterward but also reduces stress and increases well-being.

Why not going back to a time where breaks were real? 

In today's fast pacing world the easiest thing in the world--doing nothing--seems to have become the hardest thing in the world. The purpose of this group is to work together and re-learn how to take a #Realbreak again.

Check out the Facebook Community for posts on how to best take a #RealBreak during our work-days and become part of a support network that helps you come through with, what indeed is a challenging task: Taking an unplugged RealBreak for 5-15 minutes at least once DURING one's work day.


More on why #RealBreaks are important in this politically charged climate of 2017, here.


I started this group out of completely selfish reasons. When I started to focus more on my own mindfulness practice I noticed that since I can think I would always eat lunch in front of my computer and I knew how bad that is for us. I was in the mindset of just working, working, working but eventually, I would be burned out. Because it was so hard for me to get out of the practice of not eating lunch in front of my computer anymore, but actually leave the office, soak in the sun and fresh air, give my brain a break it deserves, recharge my cognitive batteries, even if it is just for 10 minutes, I needed something to hold myself accountable. So I started the group. And it worked. Since over 2 years I have maybe eaten 5 times in front of my computer and I absolutely noticed the difference. It would give my mind a break, I noticed my shallow breathing and could do some exercises to deepen that breath and relax again, and I would get back to work much more refreshed and stronger. I would be more productive, and it increased my mood.