Examples of Workshops and Programs



  • Developing and leading workshops or trainings on mindfulness as stress-reduction for university faculty/staff and corporate employees
  • Developing and leading workshops or trainings on implementing mindfulness in university curricula
  • Community support on habit change for well-being at work (#RealBreak)
  • Expertise on Technology, Media and Well-being
  • Leading workshops on how to Rewire Happiness (how to increase well-being in symbiosis with our phones and everyday media use) 
  •  Research on the effects of:

       - Videos and messages on consumers emotions, attitudes, behaviors and well-being

       - Product impact of consumer experiences


Click here for the Prezi example of the work-life balance workshop.

















University Faculty workshop on "Mindfulness in Academia"

Example of a vagal tone breathing exercise done at a faculty workshop on "Mindfulness as a Self Care Practice" held at The University of Arkansas, May, 2016.